My Top 5 Police #LipSyncChallenge Videos

Elisa Smith
2 min readJul 26, 2018


If you are anything like me, you’ve become obsessed with the police #LipSyncChallenge videos over the last few weeks. Not only is it a boon for the image of a much maligned profession (as the New York Times points out), but the videos have been an absolute joy to watch! Here is a list of my top 5 must-watch videos from the challenge, including a few of honorable mentions.

5. Savannah (GA) Police Department: “Hold On,” Wilson Phillips

Courtesy: CBS News (YouTube)

I stumbled upon this one by accident, and it had me in stitches thanks to the ’90s girl anthem! They also enlisted the help of a local radio personality from Hot 98.3 to play the “bad guy,” which adds to the fun.

4. Sacramento Police Department: “Summertime,” DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

Courtesy: Sacramento Police Department (YouTube)

With Sacramento in the middle of a scorching heat wave, the choice of “Summertime” seems more than appropriate. I love seeing the officers racing around on boats and jet skiing along the river (which is very Sacramento!), and the video ends with one officer’s amazing wakeboarding skills.

3. Norfolk (VA) Police Department: “Uptown Funk,” Bruno Mars

Courtesy: Norfolk Police Department (YouTube)

It’s hard to trace the roots of the #LipSyncChallenge, but many agree that Norfolk’s entry got the viral video ball rolling. So far this is the most watched of the challenge videos, with more than 71 million views to date on Facebook. If you care to watch, you’ll see why.

2. Corinth (MS) Police Department: Medley (songs by Stevie Wonder, MC Hammer, Queen and more)

Courtesy: Luke Price (YouTube)

This medley of songs tells the story of a bad guy getting caught and what happens afterward. Bonus points for that awful mullet wig!

1. Seattle Police Department: “Downtown,” Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (My Winner!)

Courtesy: SPD Blotter (YouTube)

There’s so much to love about Seattle’s challenge video— the mad lip-syncing skills of the police officers, the use of a song by one of Seattle’s own rappers, the community involvement, and the cameos from Mayor Jenny Durkan and Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez just to name a few. Watch and be prepared to be impressed!

Honorable mentions:

San Francisco Police Department: Medley (Journey, Pharrell Williams, Too Short and more)

Corinth (TX) Police Department: “Party in the USA,” Miley Cyrus

Pittsboro (NC) Police Department: Saturday Night Live’s Cowbell Sketch

Overland Park (KS) Police Department: “Banana Boat (Day-O),” Harry Belafonte

El Dorado County (CA) Sheriff’s Office: “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” Justin Timberlake (my local department)

What are some of your favorite videos from the #LipSyncChallenge? Hit me up in the comments!



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